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Mike Drenth
Box 356
113 Lakeshore Drive
Temagami, ON
P0H 2H0

Visit my blog for talk about tech, photography, video, gaming, and more.

If it involves a computer, I do it.

I offer a wide range of computer services, including website design, website hosting, computer repair, software troubleshooting, operating system installation, and custom computer builds.  I manage several websites in the area in my spare time, and work in seasonal tourism with my wife and parents at Leisure Island Houseboat Rentals Temagami.

In this day and age of mobile devices, it is important that your website look good on all devices. I specialize in Responsive Web Design, which allows you to have one website that sevices all devices, so your site will look good no matter if your client visits from a 4" display smartphone, or a 24" display desktop computer.  Hosting can be arranged from anywhere, and website work can be done long distance as well.  If you like my work, consider me for your next project!  I can build custom graphical layouts and have a wide range of nature photography that can be used.

Custom Built ComputerIf you're in the area and need assistance with your computer, feel free to give me a shout.  I have the means to save old data for transfer to a new operating system and attempt to rescue data from failing computer systems. Sometimes those slower systems just need a format and reload to bring some life back into them. Providing you have the original install disks, I can provide this service at a reasonable price. If your computer is failing, I will attempt to diagnose the problem and can order replacement parts to get it fixed.

I enjoy photography and have the means to provide both photo and high definition video services when needed.



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