Contact me at:
Mike Drenth
Box 356
113 Lakeshore Drive
Temagami, ON
P0H 2H0


WeddingI enjoy taking photos of nature, and over the course of my time in computer work, have had to take many for websites. I'm always looking to add to my collection, especially of photos that will help promote Temagami and the surrounding area. I've had opportunity as friends and relatives get married to work as a candid photographer at weddings, always taking hold of a chance to hone my skills. If you are looking to get some family photos, want some candid photos of an event, or need your wedding done on a budget, contact me!

Temagami LoonMy vast library of photos is a big benefit to my customers, who often use my photos to enhance their websites, and makes getting a fresh website up and running much faster. If custom photos are needed on site, I'll be happy to come and do a photo shoot so we can best present your business to your potential customers.



I am currently working with a small high definition camcorder to provide video services. I have made some instructional videos for Leisure Island Houseboat Rentals. They are spotlighted on their YouTube channel TemagamiHouseboats. I also filmed some footage and composed a commercial for a German tour company called TourConsult International. I also work with Mitchell Beaton on video projects in our production company MDMB Studios.


Christmas CardI have many years experience with Photoshop, and can touch up your photos, create graphical logos and designs for media like business cards, and custom company cards like the one to the right, which is composed of three separate photos composited together, since they only had one red boat.

I also have experience with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, which I used to turn some customer vacation footage, on location footage shot by me, and customer photos to make an engaging commercial to help attract German tourists to the area. If you need something done, I have the software to do it. The German commercial is currently featured on their Youtube site.

Candid Groom, Best Man, and Father