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Mike Drenth
Box 356
113 Lakeshore Drive
Temagami, ON
P0H 2H0

About Me

Wedding PhotographyI have lived in Temagami for over 30 years, with a little time away for schooling.  I work summers for my parents at Leisure Island Houseboat Rentals and enjoy the variety of work I do there.  Working on the lake is by far the best way to enjoy life, in my opinion...  It's a beautiful area, as many will attest to.  Temagami offers a wide range of activities for the outdoor enthusiast, many of which I enjoy.  There a plenty of hiking trails, and Temagami is famous for it's portage routes.  Fishing is one of my favorite ways of enjoying the lake, or maybe it's eating the fish caught...  Nothing beats a fresh fish fry.  And of course jumping in the cool lake on a hot summer day is something to be experienced.  Lake Temagami's cool, clear waters make the summer heat dissipate.  You can see some of my passion for Temagami and it's beauty through my photos at my Temagami website.

One other benefit to living here is the feeling of being close to God's creation.  I am a Christian, and believe God created this earth, and all in it - not that we evolved, by chance from some puddle of slime billions of years ago - something that has a statistical probability of 0% that all the correct elements would combine at the correct time in the correct way.  I also firmly believe that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, that came to this earth to die and pay the penalty for my sins, a debt I could never pay, and that it is through my faith in Him alone that have eternal life with God in heaven.