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Website Hosting, Design, and Marketing

Web Hosting

If you want a website, you'll need a place to put it first.  I offer a full range of web hosting services.  These days having an online presence is a must, with people going to the internet to search for what they want.  There's no need to be restricted in showing what you have to offer by space limitations.  Current hosting plans offer plenty of space to tell the world about what makes your business important to you customers - don't let someone tell you you can't have the space you need.  Various tracking packages can be set up to let you know how many people are visiting your site and from where. A very valuable resource to see how effective your site is and what is interesting your visitors.

Responsive Web Design

Website Design and LayoutWith mobile devices becoming more popular for web browsing, it is important that your website look good on all devices, whether phone, tablet, or desktop. I specialize in responsive web design, which allows a single site to be used seemlessly across all devices. This makes updating your site easier, since you only have one site to update, rather than two separate sites for desktop and mobile. You can see this design in action at two of my sites using this principle,, a site for Victoria Wilde's native healing and massage business, and

I have experience with page layout, graphical work, and photography.  I use Adobe Dreamweaver to speed up the design process, but also know HTML and some scripting languages to back up my work. I have the resources to deal with more complex projects as well. Let me know what you need!  For the graphical end of things, I use Adobe Photoshop, and a Sony A700 digital camera for pictures.  You can see much of my graphical talent in my newer websites, like my Temagami website and the new Leisure Island Houseboats website.  To see some of my work, you can visit my customer links pages and my current projects page.


I can offer various marketing tools to help get you noticed, like addition to Google Maps, Facebook ad campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization to help get you higher on the list for your keywords.